Vol. 2


Although this is the second of a series covering the China-Burma-India Theater of Operations during World War II, it is a story in itself and one full of drama. The previous volume, "Stilwell's Mission to China", recounts the early efforts of the United States to improve the combat efficiency of the Chinese Army. This second volume presents the problems of a commander, his staff, and his troops in a position so irregular and complex as to be unprecedented in U.S. Army history, and outlines the background of their position in Allied policy, military and political. Their position was determined by an arrangement among allies, one accepted with reservations by the War Department. There is a saying: "There is but one thing more difficult than fighting a war with Allies - this is to fight a war without them."

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  • zahlreiche Abb, incl. kompletter Kartensatz mit Skizzen, teilweise in FARBE
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  • ORIGINAL - Ausgabe aus dem Jahre 1955 / 1956
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